Saturday Frights: Titano (Short Film)

Hello, dear viewers. It is good to be back down here in the Retroist Vault to program your evening’s entertainment. For this week in Auditorium 4 we shall be presenting this amusing short called ‘Titano’.

Daniel XIII was kind enough to show me this short though I never quite caught the name of his contact that sent him the print. It is by no means a short that will frighten you rather it will perhaps make your eyes become a tad misty as an aging horror actor finds little comfort in his glory days of being a horror movie star.

Little does said actor realize that he will be called on once again to play his famous role. Heh, heh.

(Via Partcom – Vic)

Titano: Irwin Keyes
Director: Ben Chavda
Producer: John Swartz
Co-Producers: Justin Wagman & Kristen Grant
Editor: Spencer Houck
Production Design: Gabby Canton
Director of Photography: Mark Evans
Casting: Amanda Lenker Doyle

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