How to tell if it’s a True Crock-Pot

Crock-Pot mania hit my family at some point in the early eighties and we used that thing well into the nineties. As a fan of slow cooked fall-apart food, when I saw the Crock-Pot on the counter in the morning before going to school or out to play, it would set my mouth-watering. I do not remember what killed the Crock-Pot in the end, probably just old, but when it did break we never replaced it. A part of how and what we ate just died with the pot and I still haven’t picked one up as an adult. Not sure the Rival brand exists anymore, but if it does, I would stick to the original since it served my family so well for all those years.


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One thought on “How to tell if it’s a True Crock-Pot

  1. Awesome phrase “slow cooked fall-apart food”.
    We used the term “flaky meat” growing up.
    I am a big fan of flaky-meat pot roast from the crock pot.
    And “squishy carrots”.

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