Which one of these Phones from the Seventies would you want in your living Room?

When I go to flea markets, I see phones like the Chestphone for sale all the time. I have been tempted to buy one, but have not pulled the trigger and now I know why. Because if I am going to buy any phone from the 1970s it is most certainly going to be that star-spangled work of art, the red, white and blue Candlestick phone. The American Flag Candlestick was at least around as early as 1973, which makes it pre-date the Bicentennial. That of course makes it all the more amazing. Some person was so patriotic and so retro that they chose this phone to sit on their end table and they suffered through this horrible form factor when many other amazing phones existed that were a lot easier to use.



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3 thoughts on “Which one of these Phones from the Seventies would you want in your living Room?

  1. Matt says:

    I dont know – the Chestphone and Commemorative Elite look pretty cool. I might bend toward the Accent though, since it reminds me of the phones that we had in the house when I was a kid.

  2. I always wondered, while staring at these telephonic beauties in a SEARS or JC PENNEY catalog, why my parents were content with a bland Trimline when we could’ve had that patriotic candlestick style or, even better, a Mickey Mouse character phone that’s handing you the phone receiver?!

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