Happy 75th Birthday To Bugs Bunny!

It was 75 years ago today on July 27, 1940 that the rabbit that we more or less identify as Bugs Bunny made his appearance in “The Wild Hare” and uttered his famous catch phrase of ‘What’s Up Doc?’.

Created by Tex Avery, if you go by what the legendary Chuck Jones had to say on the matter…and you should, it was however Virgil Ross (Star Trek: The Animated Series) that was the credited animator for Bugs Bunny’s debut. The Wild Hare also gave soon to be fans of Bugs Bunny’s signature madcap humor his relation with the often befuddled hunter, Elmer Fudd. Bugs wasn’t named in this particular short for what it’s worth, that would come with Chuck Jones’ next short ” Elmer’s Pet Rabbit”.

So raise a glass in toast to Bugs Bunny, a comedian who is thankfully still going strong at 75 years young!

[Via] Bugs Bunny TV

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One thought on “Happy 75th Birthday To Bugs Bunny!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Bugs Bunny is, has always been, will always be, my spirit animal.
    He’s my inspiration for tackling the shotgun Elmers of this world, for facing off against the Blaque Jacque pirates, for dealing with the anger of Tasmanian Devils, for seeking that elusive Kook…
    …amunga hideaway.

    Thank you to Tex, Chuck, Mel, and the unknown others who brought him into our world.
    Or is it the other way around?

    Here’s a carrot cake for ya!

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