Saturday Frights: Tales From The Darkside – Effect And Cause

Hello, dear viewers! Welcome back to Saturday Frights, down here in the Retroist Vault. For your viewing enjoyment this evening I have selected from the Vault archives ‘Effect and Cause’, an episode from the television series known as Tales from the Darkside.

Effect and Cause which was originally aired December 8, 1985 on various television stations concerns itself with Kate Collins, played by Picnic’s Susan Strasberg. Kate is an artist that find herself unable to paint over used canvasses as a matter of principal, she sees that in the creation of a painting it is something to be held as sacred…even the old artwork that her young friend, David, has brought her to reuse. Although her monetary woes causes her to ignore her own principals and things become odd soon after. Such as the Paramedics that arrive just seconds before Kate injures herself and when she returns home she is interrupted from her craft by a delivery boy who has brought her the groceries she needs before she realizes she has need of them. Quite frankly, dear viewers, Kate seems to possess the ability to alter reality…but is she it’s master? Heh, heh.

([Via] Faen Talbert -Vic)

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