I Finally Got My Own 1984 Talking Star Wars Alarm Clock!

A few months back I shared my horrid experience with that vile and unholy concoction that mankind has labeled as Fruitcake, in that post I also shared an image from the 1984 Sear Wishbook, a collection of clocks.

80s Clocks 1

Just a couple of days ago while visiting a wonderful local record shop called Block Street Records, I spied sitting on a television what appeared to be a vintage Star Wars talking alarm clock. The forty-five dollar price tag gave me pause, not because I thought it was too expensive as it was in excellent condition but…you know…we all have bills to pay. Now it just happens that my Father was with me while we checked out the store and he went back the next day and bought it for me, a very nice surprise to find when I returned from the arcade to be sure.





It works quite well and I’ve made sure to place it in my curio cabinet so it can be protected from accidental falls while trying to shut off the alarm. While C-3PO is rather rude with his translation of R2-D2’s cheery beeps, “You have to get up right away, don’t be so polite, this young rebel is going to be late.”…at least the duo aren’t as violent as the Star Trek Alarm Clock!

[Via] David Simkins

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3 thoughts on “I Finally Got My Own 1984 Talking Star Wars Alarm Clock!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Congrats, fellow Rebel!

    Great droid models too. As close to original Kenner as can be.

    And I wish that Trek clock could set its phasers on stun right as you plop down in bed.
    That’d be a winner.

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