Saturday Frights: The Twilight Zone – The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine (1959)

Hello, dear viewers. While I certainly enjoy visiting the old stomping grounds in Haddonfield it is good to be back down here in the dark and dank comfort of the Retroist Vault. Going over the last few weeks of Victor’s programming I am sure that you are as equally glad of my return. Heh, heh.

For your viewing pleasure this evening I present ‘The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine’, from the Twilight Zone episodic television series. It stars Ida Lupino as Barbara Trenton, a fading Hollywood icon who takes refuge and comfort in shutting herself away, reliving her glory days by watching her own films all day. Martin Balsam of 12 Angry Men fame is her closest friend and agent who does his best to get the poor woman out of her home.

The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine isn’t frightening although it manages to end rather creepily and perhaps uplifiting? It certainly has a bit of Billy Wilder’s Sunset Blvd. in its makeup but manages to stand on it’s own none the less. Of interest to you Twilight Zone fanatics, star Ida Lupino would direct the 1964 episode entitled ‘The Masks’. It would seem that Lupino enjoyed her journey through the Zone, eh?

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