Doo-Wop Music and and 1980’s Hi-C…Perfect Together

Every couple of years it seems we have some sort of retro resurgence. The music and the style of the 1950s seem to be a popular one to revisit and in the mid-eighties Hi-C strolled down memory lane with this little commercial featuring a very memorable (at least for me) doo-wop jingle.

“and all that Vitamins C….”


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2 thoughts on “Doo-Wop Music and and 1980’s Hi-C…Perfect Together

  1. Max Power says:

    For some reason, there was a lot of 1950s doo-wop marketed at kids in the 1980s. The old Nickelodeon idents had a doo-wop sound, ABC had a doo-wop sound in their Saturday cartoon bumps, even the Q-Bert cartoon had “greaser” villains.

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