Paul Williams Performs “The Hell Of It” On The Brady Bunch Hour (1977)

A couple of days ago while helping Daniel XIII down in the Retroist Vault we had a moment to sit and chat. He asked me if I had ever seen the talented Paul Williams perform “The Hell of It” from Phantom of the Paradise on the Brady Bunch Hour. I informed him that not only had I not seen this segment but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a segment from the Brady Bunch Hour.

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The Brady Bunch Hours was conceived by Sid and Marty Kroft (Land of the Lost) and changed the Brady’s from a simple suburban family to hosts of an ABC variety show starting in 1976 and lasting until 1977. All of the original actors returned except for Eve Plumb who backed out of the project because the Producers demanded she be in all episodes of the show when she felt she could only commit to five of them. So the Producers had a search for a replacement and settled on Geri Reischl…

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…or as Brady fans have nicknamed her “Fake Jan”.

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