Geoffrey Holder Was The Real Reason I Would Drink 7-UP

In my youth, my Cousin Brandon and I would have a tendency to latch onto a particular commercial, quoting from our favorite ads whenever we could…probably annoying our Family to no end in the process. One of the ads I can vividly recall us enjoying so much were the 7-UP TV commercials featuring Geoffrey Holder (Live and Let Die, Annie), his wonderful voice and cool demeanor and of course that famous tagline “Never had it, never will” which was usually followed by his infectious laughter.

The other day I stumbled upon this 1971 7-UP TV commercial featuring Holder demonstrating with the aid of perfume the differences between your typical cola and his preferred beverage. This particular ad doesn’t feature the famous tagline but ends with him informing us that “The smell of success is never too sweet”. How true, how very true.

[Via] OfficialMi6007

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