Saturday Frights: Alexia

Hello, dear viewers! As most of you are quite aware I do not particularly care for technology. For all of your newfangled gizmos I find very little to comfort me at the end of a long day down in the Retroist Vault quite like the glow of my Silvertone 4585 radio unit and radios show such as the Inner Sanctum. Having said that though I…begrudgingly…admit that your interwebs do allow one to watch films from other countries far easier than obtaining the prints themselves.

Earlier this week, Victor, shared this 2013 short film by the extremely talented Andrés Borghi called ‘Alexia’. It has won the honors of 8 film festivals around the world and after you watch it for yourself I think you’ll see why. Moody. Haunting. Disturbing. Heh, heh.

So I ask you to turn off the lights in your living room, lean a little closer to your TV and enjoy this deliciously delightful short that is packed full of creepy imagery and tension.

(Short film was uploaded by Andrés Borghi to his YouTube Channel -Vic)

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