You Won’t Get A Wink of Sleep With Sleepaway Camp II And III On Blu-Ray

I’ve mentioned before on the site my first viewing of 1983’s cult classic Sleepaway Camp, a kind of surprisingly awesome slasher flick that if you’ve not had the chance to see for yourself yet and you consider yourself a horror fan, you need to check it out. Just don’t try to look up anything about the film on Google because the movie will be 100% ruined for you. Trust me.

Here is the spoiler free theatrical trailer.

Our friends from Scream Factory know that it’s Summer time and that means it’s the right time to head back into the woods for more chills and laughs this time with Sleepaway Camp II and III on Blu-Ray!

Okay, to discuss these films and share some clips we will be diving into SPOILER territory for the first film…so DO NOT GO FURTHER if you don’t want some things about the first film ruined for you before seeing the original.

Sleepaway Camp II

Five years after Sleepaway Camp came it’s sequel, the almost straight to video Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers. The script that Robert Hiltzik delivered to his producing partner Jerry Silva was considered too dark, Jerry was interested in taking the franchise in a new direction so after buying the rights to the series from Robert he had Fritz Gordon come in a give it a new spin.
That new spin was a VERY tongue in cheek approach to the horror presented in the films as well as the horror genre in general. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely a ton of gore and you are going to feel pretty bad for most of the kids that meet their end at the hands of the killer in the first sequel…right before you start busting out laughing at her one-liners…most of the time.

In Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers it has been five years since the murder spree that occurred at Camp Arawak, it has become something of a dark legend as the killer was never caught, even the kids going to Camp Rolling Hills spread the gruesome tale around campfires. Surely something like that couldn’t happen again, right?

Sleepaway Camp II stars Pamela Springsteen as Angela Baker, who has become a camp counselor herself but as you can see from that clip she is very quick to act as judge, jury, and quite happy to be executioner to those she feels doesn’t deserve to be at the camp, those that don’t represent the pure values. By the way Pamela is in fact the Sister of Bruce Springsteen. The first sequel also co-stars Renée Estevez (Yep, daughter of Martin Sheen) as well as Walter Gotell, General Anatol Gogol from 1963’s From Russia With Love and 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me.

While shooting Sleepaway Camp II, Director Michael. A Simpson (Funland) sent off dailies to the studio executives and they liked what they saw so much they greenlit the third film. Both films were shot in a mere six weeks. Which may be why Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland doesn’t look quite as polished.
Sleepaway Camp III

Watching the third film for this review was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the film and the filmmakers certainly didn’t hold back with Angela this go around, I mean she takes the identity of a inner city camp goer by running that person over with a garbage truck in the middle of the day. Everything is played far more broadly than the previous two films and that takes a little getting used to, you have to kind of get in the right mindset for the film before watching it. I’ll also add that unlike the previous two Sleepaway Camps, 95% of the time you will be rooting for Angela to dispatch the unlikable group of teenagers present at Camp New Horizons. Although there are some very humorous throwbacks to the second film plus Angela has to beware of a counselor at the camp this time, not only is he a cop but his Son was one of her unfortunate victims!

Pamela Springsteen in the third film co-stars with Michael J. Pollard (Bonnie and Clyde), Tracy Griffith (The First Power), and Jill Terashita (Night of the Demons).

Of course Scream Factory has packed each of the Blu-Ray/DVD release with goodies!
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers –
Audio Commentary With Director Michael A. Simpson And Writer Fritz Gordon
A Tale Of Two Sequels – Part One Featuring New Interviews With Director Michael A. Simpson, Cinematographer Bill Mills, Editor John David Allen And More…
Abandoned – The Filming Locations Of SLEEPAWAY CAMP II & III – A Tour Of The Shooting Locales
Behind-The-Scenes Footage With Commentary By Michael A. Simpson
Home Video Promotional Trailer
Still Gallery

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland –
Audio Commentary With Director Michael A. Simpson And Writer Fritz Gordon
A Tale Of Two Sequels – Part Two Featuring New Interviews With Director Michael A.Simpson, Cinematographer Bill Mills, Actors Mark Oliver And Kim Wall And More…
Behind-The-Scenes Footage With Commentary By Michael A. Simpson
Workprint Of The Longer Cut (From VHS)
Deleted Scenes Featuring Additional Gore Footage (Taken From The Workprint)
Home Video Promotional Trailer
Still Gallery

Both Sleepaway Camp II and III will be available in stores starting tomorrow 6/9/2015. You can still order all three film from Scream Factory by clicking here


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2 thoughts on “You Won’t Get A Wink of Sleep With Sleepaway Camp II And III On Blu-Ray

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Musta seen SC2 back then but have no memory of it, and same for the third movie.

    Gotta revisit. And now will have the perfect means to do so, thanks to these discs.
    I’ll keep saying it – we live in a golden age of home theater viewings and these Blu-Ray offerings of unusual retro fare are to be cherished and enjoyed.

    A movie fan would expect such things as the Welles catalog offered with remastered images and fine extras.
    But when beloved midnight movies like Sleepaway Camp and its sequels get the same treatment, it’s more impressive and a rarer gem in the movie vaults.

    And what cool extras for these sequels!
    The first movie has some great ones. These follow-ups don’t disappoint.

    It was hard to get good talks going about the outlandish coolness of gory Italian fare, spicy slashers (like the SC series), or trashy post-apocalyptic vistas.
    We’d watch em on stretchy VHS rentals, have a laugh, and move on with the day.
    Any kinda “Wasn’t that something?” about any Fulcis or Enzo Castellari fare would be greeted with a shrug or a dubious look, as if nothing more was ever to be said, as if it was all goofy nonsense and where’s the beer.

    Nah, my friends were cool, but we all grew up, grew out of those years (some more than others) and for us movie hounds who still have pent-up thoughts and dialogues on the subject, the work done by Scream, Arrow, Blue Underground, Rare, etc. to bring out the sideline material of these productions allow us to soar in the exhalted release of appreciation, of shared thanks to the remaining filmakers by purchasing these titles, by tweeting a thank-you or a well-done.

    From one moviehound to another – Thank You, Vic, for spotlighting the material that shaped our formative cinephile years.

  2. Perfectly said, Atari! There are some pretty fun releases coming down the pipe for July that I’ll be sure write reviews for. :)

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