I Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Like This A-Team Colorforms Set!

Last week while working at the arcade I was called over to check something out by my co-worker and good friend, Andy Pickle. It seems that he had just purchased a small collection of retro items from a local collector, two items were actually for me and I will share them later this week but for himself he nabbed an unopened 1983 A-Team Colorforms set.

It didn’t take him long to remove the plastic wrapping so we could get a look at the Colorforms inside. At first glance it seems Andy has everything he needs to reenact his favorite moments from the classic TV series. A Jeep, a helicopter, bags of money, dynamite, and even a couple of guns.

A Team - Colorforms 1

It looks like all the action will take place at the docks!

A Team - Colorforms 2

Of course we have multiple poses for the muscle of the A-Team, Bosco Albert “B.A.” Baracus.

A Team - Colorforms 3

Next up is Howling Mad Murdock with a couple of what look to be mobsters.

A Team - Colorforms 4

Then we have not only Templeton “Faceman” Peck but intrepid reporter Amy Allen as well, plus another goon or mobster. The character of Amy Allen was written out after 25 episodes due to a conflict with the production team…and it’s said that George Peppard didn’t care for Melinda Culea, the actress who portrayed Amy.

A Team - Colorforms 5

Last but certainly not least we have John “Hannibal” Smith, ready to lay down suppressing fire with his machine gun or if that doesn’t work he can wade into the thick of things with fists raised.

A Team - Colorforms 6

Thanks to Andy for letting me share his purchase with all of you, I should add that he was a guest on the latest Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast!


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6 thoughts on “I Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Like This A-Team Colorforms Set!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Congrats to Andy!
    Colorforms were the greatest toy ever, to a budding cartoonist like myself, at five years old.
    Would still be just that, if that cunning plan had followed through.

    I dare say Colorforms were more than a toy. It was an concept that made you dive into the very act of creative animation work.
    Well, in that you could move the pieces around.

    More of an interactive comic book, really.

    A close second for me were Letraset scratch-on kits. Small, medium, and large sized (my favorite) sets of stencil characters and objects with a cool backdrop.

    Both Colorforms and Letrasets could be used on any household surface.
    (this is less of a statement than it was a way of life, back in those youthful, artistically-bent days)

  2. Man, I miss Colorforms. This set looks particularly awesome. Oddly, I remember loving Colorforms, but can’t recall the details of any of the sets that I played with. Maybe my mind is suppressing some deep dark events centered around the fun toy. I’ll need to raise this with my retro therapist.

  3. Metagirl, I totally agree with you. Colorforms were pretty special in my eyes. I think we both go to the same retro therapist by the way, he’s expensive…but he’s good! :D

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