An Arcade Makes A Perfect Home For This Showbiz Pizza Place Token Kan!

Yesterday when I arrived at work at the arcade, I found a nice surprise waiting for me. It seems that Shea ordered a Showbiz Pizza Place Token Kan for the Arkadia Retrocade collection. Considering that the arcade could have very well been opened in the old Showbiz Pizza location, setting up just about six or seven doors down from that spot when all was said and done, it seems the perfect place to house this particular collectible.

Showbiz Pizza Place - Token Kan 1
Showbiz Pizza Place - Token Kan 2
Showbiz Pizza Place - Token Kan 3

Back in the day you could have obtained one of these token holders that also served as a bank by purchasing five or ten dollars worth of tokens. Opening up Arkadia’s Token Kan revealed some Showbiz booty to treasure.

Showbiz Pizza Place - Token

Enjoy the trip down memory lane with this Showbiz Pizza commercial, keep an eye out at the end for a brief appearance by none other than Dick Van Patten (Eight is Enough, The Midnight Hour)!

[Via] Pizzaguy2002

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