The Mad Max Cars of Main Force Patrol

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently admiring the beauty of the Ford XB Falcon, or the Pursuit (Special) Interceptor to give it its Mad Max moniker. Whilst re-watching the film I found a new appreciation for the vehicles in the film, and an internet search later led me to discover this model chart of all the “Main Force Patrol” cars that featured.

Main Force Patrol is of course the fictional police force that is seen mostly at the start of Mad Max. The poster for this chart can be bought over at and a quick look through the site confirms that the enthusiast who creates these works of art is exceptional at what he does – check out the DMC Delorean “alternative reality” poster to see what I mean!

Mad Max Pursuit Cars

It’s hard to pick a favourite amongst these cars, especially as the liveries are just so perfect, but if pushed I’d go with the Pursuit Interceptor – the Ford XB Falcon is a lovely car and the yellow, red and blue colour scheme is far more alluring to me than the dour blacks of the Special variant used later in the film.

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