1981 Castle Wolfenstein Ad

Castle Wolfenstein was released on the Apple II way back in 1981, but I didn’t get a chance to play it until it was ported to the Commodore 64. My friend picked up a copy and would not shut up about it. Watching him play was slightly painful because of the load times and collision issues, but I admired his patience in ignoring those issues and seeing the potential in the game.

When I finally got to play it, I was horrible at it, but I saw the potential and when Wolfenstein 3-D was released it was largely the positive association I had with the original that made me pick it up.

Here is one of the famous launch year computer ads that appeared in Computer Gaming World. Everything about how they describe this game appeals to me still.


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3 thoughts on “1981 Castle Wolfenstein Ad

  1. I was more of a Beyond Castle Wolfenstein fan, that was a great game.

    However, I did like the Smurfenstein mod for the original. That blew me away – now that would be very commonplace, but at the time being able to spoof a game and pass it around on BBS’s was ahead of its time!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I also came on board for the 3D version of Wolfenstein, missed this early origin game.

    Apple games were the first to flip that switch in me.
    Only computers around were at college or at computer stores, out of town.

    Played King’s Quest for maybe an hour, or two, over a period of time.
    But I remember the thrill of oncoming greatness, as the possibilities were increasing and the designers’ imagination was let loose.

    But…watched a bit of Castle Wolfenstein gameplay and that voice sim is jarring.

    Also, does it seem the hero kills every Nazi *after* it raises its hands in surrender?

  3. Atari – – yes, if they ran out of bullets, they would surrender. You had to kill them (even if you were a pacifist player) because if you let them go, they would sound the alarm.

    The voice sim in the first game is pretty bad. Beyond definitely had improved sound.

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