Optimus Prime…The Road Warrior

With Mad Max: Fury Road completely smashing the expectations of the fans of George Miller’s iconic character Rocky Rockatansky, it felt appropriate to share this piece of art by Marco D’alfonso. It’s a very nice nod to one of the most famous images from the Road Warrior with Max walking down the highway and his dog beside him…or in the case…Optimus Prime and his mobile scout buggy ‘Roller’.

The Road Warrior

I’m not sure what terrible events the Decepticons have brought about that would turn Optimus Prime into the Road Warrior…but I would surely buy the comic book telling me that story.

Make sure to visit Marco’s deviantART page for more fantastic illustrations featuring the likes of Deadpool and Boba Fett to even more Transformers like this one featuring Soundwave.

All images courtesy of Marco d'Alfonso

All images courtesy of Marco d’Alfonso

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