Beware the Alpha-getti Gobbler

Alpha-getti, which looks a lot like Spaghetti-Os were never on my lunch table when I was a kid. They seem to be a treat for Canadians, where this commercial ran in the mid-eighties. That is a real shame because while the Spaghetti-Os commercial were pretty great, I LOVE this Alpha-getti Gobbler. I have watched this ad about a dozen times and I still am not sure what the gobbler is supposed to be? Maybe just a gobbler, like the Grimace is just a grimace (do they come from the same land?)

For a more retro treat, here is a commercial from the sixties for the Alpha-getti.


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One thought on “Beware the Alpha-getti Gobbler

  1. Max Power says:

    Something about the ad from the 60s makes me think it was made by Freleng-DePatie Studios.

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