Retro Radio Memories Podcast – Episode 014 (The Fantastic Four – The Submariner Strikes!)

Welcome back friends to the Retro Radio Memories podcast! Each podcast my co-host, the Projectionist and I will briefly discuss a classic old time radio show before sharing said program with you listeners. This week we present an episode from the short lived 1975 Fantastic Four radio series entitled “The Submariner Strikes!”. At the end of the episode we even have a special promo for Spider Webs: Horrifying Old Time Radio from our pal Kevin Zerbe featuring his new co-host Scully Jones!

If you have any suggestions for radio programs you would like for us to cover in the future or comments, email them to me at You can also contact me on Twitter and on Facebook of course.

Music on the show was provided by Peachy (the Danny Elfman of Wales), if you have musical needs, why not contact Peachy at peachy@Retroist.Com . And be sure to “Like” him on his Facebook page.

For further information on Peter B. Lewis follow this link to the Internet Archive!

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