Telly Savalas for the 1982 Ford Escort

Telly knows how to bring the intensity to anything he sells and the 1982 Ford Escort was no exception. I have no memory of this commercial when it had its original run on TV, but I think I know who would, my Mother. My Mother LOVED Telly Savalas and would speak about him in such glowing terms that even as a young sprout I was uncomfortable. For at least a half a decade I was convinced I was going to one day come home to find my new dad was Telly Savalas.

Of course, I would never be able to live up to his level of cool and I would be a constant disappointment to my step-dad.


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One thought on “Telly Savalas for the 1982 Ford Escort

  1. Great to see this article. I’m from Detroit and my family worked for Ford, starting with my grandfather who began at Ford Trade School at 14 years old. My family had one of these cars at the time, and another one in 1986. They were great for what they were.

    I also have to say I miss cheesy celebrity endorsements. Ricardo Montalban for Chrysler Cordoba comes to mind, with it’s Corinthian leather. Good stuff, Retroist!

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