An Early Eighties Ad for San Diego’s Sea World

I love the colorful graphics and all around mixed up craziness of this ad for San Diego’s Sea World. This was the type of ad that fueled my theme park, zoo and aquarium dreams throughout my youth. Raising my expectations to ridiculous level only to have me disappointed when dolphins and orcas were not leaping over each other and giving me hugs while “Up with People” serenaded me.


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2 thoughts on “An Early Eighties Ad for San Diego’s Sea World

  1. This is a far cry from their latest TV ad campaign. Due to dwindling visitors because of bad press over animal treatment, now they spots that say “please, believe us when we tell you the fish love it here! Look how great we are!”

  2. xaulted1 says:

    I miss Sea World here in Ohio. They set up shop right across from Geauga Lake park (roller coaster park, both near Cleveland) with a nice 4 star hotel between the two. Many treasured summer days were spent there…

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