Enjoy this ad for Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

This ad for Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom is probably one of the reasons my one friend was so excited to get the game on his Atari 2600. But as you will read in my review of the game, it was a disappointing experience. Replaying the game did spark some appreciation for the title though and now this ad does not leave the sour taste in my mouth like it used to before my new-found enjoyment.


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3 thoughts on “Enjoy this ad for Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

  1. Wizard of Odyssey says:

    Those simulated screenshots made it look way better than it actually was, even though they look hopelessly chunky today!

    It was a slide show on the Colecovision but I liked it well enough on the Atari 2600. It was fast and noisy, which is all I really expected of home video games at the time.

    There was a similar Imagic game called Moonsweeper that ran a little better. The perspective and gameplay was way better in a very late Atari 2600 game called Solaris, though.

    Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom and Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator were Sega’s big name games on the home consoles at the time.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Planet of Zoom will always remind me of the sad experience of bringing home the Adam computer, trying to make the game run with a defective tape reader, returning it, getting another Adam, getting the game to run after long loading times and…feeling blah about the whole experience.

    Rather liked the Adam computer, but we eventually returned it and got a VIC-20 instead.
    Skipped the Zoom port on that one, natch.

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