DAS Smurf Modeling Kit with a young Mark-Paul Gosselaar

When this commercial ran back in 1982, Gosselaar would have been only 8 years old and “Saved by the Bell” was still a few years ahead of him. I imagine my Grandmother saw this ad, or one like it, and realizing how big a smurf nut I was, she ran out and bought me this set for Christmas. What she didn’t know was just how untalented I was at using the kit. What did my completed smurfs look like? Well my sister compared the clay smurfs to blue colored human waste and she did that often enough that I would hide my creations from her.

Years later I found them in an old shoe box and they were mostly brittle and broken. Sadly I had to agree with my sister. She was right about what they looked like and they had gotten even worse with age. Still, I don’t think she had to be so mean about it.



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One thought on “DAS Smurf Modeling Kit with a young Mark-Paul Gosselaar

  1. I had this kit, or one like it. The thing is, mine was 2nd hand and didn’t have any accessories, just the mold and some clay. I only ever used it once or twice, the concept was neat but only having a single mold was a bummer. I also had a similar kit for heathcliff. Again, it was a nice concept but I grew bored almost immediately due to their only being one mold design.

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