Which of these Joystick Attachments would you have ordered in 1983?

The Fun Group had some interesting addons for joysticks available, although I am not sure how useful they would have been. I tried a ball attachment for my 2600 and even tried to make my own, but I found they just made the stick feel more cumbersome instead of like an arcade stick.

I would be interested if any Colecovision folks our there tried this flight style stick. It is probably the most intriguing of the 3 designs and it seems like it might make “Looping” a bit more fun to play.


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2 thoughts on “Which of these Joystick Attachments would you have ordered in 1983?

  1. I was always an Atari guy, but honestly I’d go with the “Sorry” game piece on top of the Intellivision pad with the enhanced buttons. It needed it the most and the product looks like it may actually work pretty well.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    For me, it would have to be the Colecovision Easi-Grip because those original knubby handles were a third the size they needed to be and we always ended up picking a Coleco game number using the pad and quickly switching to Atari-standard or Wico for actual gameplay.

    Those Easi-Grips look like they coulda been nice (and musta latched on securely to its dwarf-sized base).

    A friend had one for Intellivision similar (but not cool-looking like a Sorry piece) to these and it was glued on (had to be). Guess what didn’t happen shortly afterwards. They didn’t stick – physically and ideologically.

    If you ever get one, I/O, lemme know if they actually work cuz I have a few Intellivisions around in need of controller pad levelling-up.
    Then again, you’d probably need a time machine to get one (if the Ebay gods are unkind).
    In that case, lemme know as well.
    Would tip myself to grab a few extra Kenner Star Wars items and keep them carded to ensure an Uncle Scrooge coin vault of my own, in an alternate timeline.

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