A Popeye for every gaming System

Popeye is one of the great underrated games from the classic era of arcade games. I pumped a lot of quarters into it, and when I was able to play it on my home system, I picked it up right away. It turns out I was not alone in enjoying the home version and this ad shows you why. They released this title for just about every home system and computer.

Seeing this actually makes me wonder why the game wasn’t MORE popular…


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4 thoughts on “A Popeye for every gaming System

  1. Popeye was an awesome game! My favorite version his on the NES.

    This advertisement also illustrates one of the biggest symptoms leading to the collapse of the video game industry in 1983. The market was flooded with so many different systems with a slew of games, many of them the same titles, and often times pretty mediocre.

    Popeye though, that was a lot of fun ;-)

  2. Man, as noted above, this is a great game. Lots of levels, interesting gameplay, whimsical concept – I would take this over so many of the mindless console shooters of today.

    I guess I’m getting old.

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