The Magic of Mr. Peanut’s Cane

Like most anthropomorphic nuts, Mr. Peanut has a special power. His cane is a mighty magical device of summoning and transmutation. One tap moves people closer to you, two taps even closer, a third and they will be right on top of you. What they don’t show in the ad, is the fabled “Peanut Fourth Tap”. When that cane hits the ground a fourth time a wave of energy will strike those that you summoned, transforming them into nut dust.

It was a dark direction to take this beloved spokes-peanut, so you can see why they decided to not dwell on this ability after this ad had run its course.


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3 thoughts on “The Magic of Mr. Peanut’s Cane

  1. Me too. I was just thinking of him. He was such a talented person, so utilitarian and versatile on SNL and helped carry it through some of its best years. He could play anything.

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