Enjoy this Late Seventies Flintstone’s Vitamins Commercial

The Flintstone’s Vitamins commercial I am most familiar with is the one that has the “we are Flintstone’s kids…” jingle in it. That one seems geared more towards kids, which is why it is probably so deeply embedded in my mind. This late seventies commercials for the vitamins might feature children, but the target are the parents who are being shown just how badly their kids are eating.

These kids have some hearty appetites and apparently no supervision. Which makes me wonder if a parent is willing to let their kids eat like this in the first place, are they going to out and buy them vitamins?


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2 thoughts on “Enjoy this Late Seventies Flintstone’s Vitamins Commercial

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    There! I’ve stuck a Post-It on my monitor covering “horrible” and “awful” and fixed that for you, plcary.
    Replaced with “medicinally-marvelous” and “retro-scrumptious”, to reflect my views.
    You’re welcome!

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