Get your Photos developed at Eckerd Drugs

For the longest time if we wanted film developed in my hometown, I needed to take it to the Fotomat. Then every store started developing film and the Fotomat was quickly abandoned. For a few years a lot of advertisements were centered on what a great job each competitor would do on your photos and what special deals you might get. This one for Eckerd Drugs features underrated character actor, Bill McCutcheon.

Born in Kentucky, McCutcheon landed a role on Sesame Street later in his career and many people might remember him as Uncle Wally from that show.


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One thought on “Get your Photos developed at Eckerd Drugs

  1. Drug stores were the norm for developing film when I was a kid. The only fotomat in town was in a plaza just outside of town, making it infinitely less convenient & practical then the dozens of drug stores within the town. On top of that, it was reportedly expensive. There was also a professional photo store in town that developed film in addition to selling high-end photographic supplies, but they were by far the most expensive option, one only went there if you had very important pics that you wanted to be sure came out perfect.
    Nearly every time we got film developed, it was at either rhea & derreck, CVS, or fisher’s big wheel (a local department store), depending on who was having a special at the time. (We would save up our undeveloped film until such a special, then get like 6 or 8 films done at once.) The one other way we frequently got it developed was by mail-in. I can’t remember where we got those pre-addressed padded envelopes (they came with something, developed photos, I think).

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