Do you agree with the Message of this Cable TV ad from 1982?

When cable TV rolled into my town, it did seemed like magic and for the price, even though it was high, it seemed like a bargain. Slowly though, the shine came off the apple and eventually cable TV just became something you had and you took it for granted.

Maybe I am jaded or the novelty wore off after a while, but when I see print ads like this from 1982, I am reminded of the promise of Cable TV, a movie theater style experience at home.


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3 thoughts on “Do you agree with the Message of this Cable TV ad from 1982?

  1. I remember cable seeming like the most amazing thing ever when it first showed up in my house (we shared a box with our neighbors, alternating weekly). Somehow watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 20 times in a row on HBO was the most captivating thing to have come down the pike. And Fraggle Rock. But yeah, like you say, that aura dissipated pretty quickly and without my even noticing it. I think the explosion of VHS took away a lot of cable’s shine. Same experience in a lot of ways (watching a movie over and over again in your own home) but with the pomp and circumstance of picking it up at a video store, which brought back a bit of the movie theater ritualism that was missing from cable.

  2. Funny, 1982 would have been the very year that I got cable for the first time. We had lived in the boonies prior to that & had just moved into a small town. When we moved in we had to decide whether to get someone to put up our huger outdoor aerial, or to get cable. We got cable. At first we just had basic 2-13 service but after a little while got the standard service. After spending my life prior to that with only about 10 total channels (only about 5 different ones, since several were just diff stations on the same network (abc/cbs/nbc)) having so many channels was mindblowing, let alone having specialty channels like nickelodeon.

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