Burger King’s 25th Anniversary Commercial

On September 16, 1979, Burger King invited the world to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a day of festivity and 25 cent hamburgers. What I love about this commercial, besides seeing the old architecture and uniforms, is just how unpolished it is. At this point they were a national chain, but this commercial has a local or regional vibe to it. I sometimes wish that brands wouldn’t take themselves so seriously and still do things like this, but I am sure they have truckloads of data and marketing history to tell me I am wrong.


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One thought on “Burger King’s 25th Anniversary Commercial

  1. Rosa E Harris says:

    I started working there that year , I was 15 years old and had to get a permit to work. Hamburgers were .25 cents and they start you off on the broiler! Boy talk about feeling the heat from the flames because it was nonstop burgers going through . Those uniforms weren’t light either. Oh …. Those were the good ole days!

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