Remember when everyone wanted a Grandfather Clock?

In the seventies and well into the eighties, it seemed that everyone wanted a Grandfather clock in their house. My family was not immune to the fever, I believe we got ours in the seventies and it was a faux clock in that it did not have the pendulums and other clock workings in it. Instead you just plugged it in and used the clock case as an attractive showplace for your knickknacks and keepsakes. Usually some bauble that we bought our Mom for Mother’s Day or Christmas that we thought was a treasure that deserved protection (treasure that cost under 10 bucks).

We had the clock well into the nineties and it worked all that time. Then my mother finally got tired of it and sold it at a garage sale.


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One thought on “Remember when everyone wanted a Grandfather Clock?

  1. Matt says:

    So funny. Why the heck was this even a trend? Weird.

    Anyway, standing behind me right now in my office is an Ethan Allen grandfather clock that my dad bought for his office in the 80s.

    And so continues the grandfather clock tradition…

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