I loved Golden Graham S’Mores

Rice Krispie Treats were a delicious and fairly common weekend dessert at my family home when I was growing up. Sadly they never lasted long. We would cut them into nine squares and we would fight over those nine like they were the last bits of food on the planet. While those went quick, there was another cereal based treat that went even faster, Golden Graham S’Mores.

We went nuts for them!

After my Grandmother would whip up a batch she had to guard them or hide them because even before they cooled we would be picking at the pan. She said she didn’t make them much because the Golden Grahams were a pricier cereal, but I think the real reason was that she feared the madness that they stirred up in all of us. S’More Madness!

Here is the classic commercial that helped boost the awareness of this delicious treat.


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