At The Movies With Siskel And Ebert – Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

Besides the obvious first story segment in Twilight Zone: The Movie that John Landis directed I have always been a pretty big fan of the big screen adaptation of Rod Serling’s classic television series. In particular I have a soft spot in my heart for how Steven Spielberg handled his take on George Clayton Johnson’s 1962 story of Kick the Can.

It seems though that back in 1983 Siskel and Ebert on their hit show At The Movies both agreed to disagree with my view of what Spielberg had done.

[Via] Gradepoint

A big thanks as always to IMP Awards for the theatrical poster image up top.


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3 thoughts on “At The Movies With Siskel And Ebert – Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

  1. Siskel & Ebert’s AT THE MOVIES, and before that their PBS bi-weekly SNEAK PREVIEWS, were must-see-tv in our household. Their decisive thumbs would help determine which movies we would spend our money on that weekend. As a kid I did not see TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE in theaters because of their lukewarm review of it. Instead, I snuck into PORKY’S 2: THE NEXT DAY.
    Ah, now THERE was money well spent.

  2. RetroArt, I saw Twilight Zone: The Movie at the 62 Drive-In…totally oblivious to the fact the movie started…all of us kids were too busy on the playground, but I certainly recall the moment Dan turns from the camera. ;)

    In my household we too used to watch At the Movies and Sneak Previews but in the case of my Father he had kind of a continuing hatred towards Siskel and Ebert…that was a little intense sometimes. Ha, ha.

  3. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    The opening gambit with Dan and Albert is highly underrated. Dan’s transformation definitely creepy.

    I forgot George Miller directed the last segment. That’s the best one.

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