After 36 Years I Finally Got That Star Wars 12″ Boba Fett Figure!

Okay. That header is a total lie. This original 12″ Boba Fett figure from 1979 actually belongs to the Arkadia Retrocade thanks to the generosity of Earl Green but since I work there…that means I can play with it when I wish, right? So it’s kind of like I own one now. At least that is what I’ll keep telling myself.

Boba Fett 1 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 2 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 4 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 5 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 6 - Arkadia Retrocade

My favorite part of the original box is the JC Penney’s sticker!

Boba Fett 7 - Arkadia Retrocade

[Via] 12 Back

Now to be fair Earl did bring us another gift from his collection…but that is for another post!


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7 thoughts on “After 36 Years I Finally Got That Star Wars 12″ Boba Fett Figure!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Wookiee scalps?
    Truly, the calling card of the most fearsome bounty hunter.

    One of our inner circle of Kenner friends had one of these.
    I had migrated to growed-up teen interests by the time Empire came out (like battling space hordes on my trusty VCS, or picking up my Kenner collection and silently pondering the adventures they were having).
    But just grabbing giant Boba made time stop and turn back a bit.

    And man, arent those Kenner boxes just the neatest thing ever?

  2. vinvectrex says:

    I remember the range finder, but don’t recall the Wookie scalps at all. Maybe they had fallen off the ones I’d seen at my friends’ houses.

  3. Very wise purchases, Drahken!

    Atari, I love the fact that the Wookie scalps description is just nestled between the Laser Pistol and Utility Belt and the removable cape. You know a collection of grisly deeds slipped right in there. Ha, ha.

    Vinvectrex, Perhaps that Boba Fett hadn’t yet claimed his bounty?

    Absolutely, Bixox737. Though the other day on FB I saw Earl Green’s pics of the R2 unit that Drahken is talking about. I think THAT one might be the greatest! :)

  4. The r2d2 one had rolling wheels on it’s feet, the legs could pop off, and it had a compartment in the back with 2 plastic removable panels which had the secret death star plans printed on them. Also, the head rotated (though rather oddly, it lacked the pop-up antenna that all the small scale r2d2s had).

    Speaking of the normal sized ones, you could actually fit one in the compartment where the plans go. I used to put a little r2 in there & pretend that he was some mini spy drone, who would go grab the plans while the “real” r2d2 distracted the guards. Unfortunately the mini r2 had to be left behind once the plans were recovered, but them’s the breaks kid. :p

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