Timex Sinclair 1000

In 1982 you could enter the exciting world of home computing for a paltry $99.95! I bought one back then and was soon on my way to learning basic programming and writing my own text adventures. This little computer featured 2k memory and you could hook it up to any TV and use your cassette tape recorder to save and load programs. As you might guess, 2k is not very much memory but thankfully I was later able to add a 16k expansion pack. I had a lot of fun with it until I bought a Commodore Vic20 and tossed the black and white Timex Sinclair aside. This one in my photo I purchased at a junk auction for a few dollars. Notice the screen I produced with a simple two line basic program. I first read about this computer in a magazine ad like this one.


I also found this TV commercial on YouTube.


I love retro toys, television, movies and just about anything from the 70s and 80s.I frequent flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales and auctions hoping to nab my next pop culture trophy.

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3 thoughts on “Timex Sinclair 1000

  1. I had one of these, but I was 6 in ’82, so my attempts to type in programs from computing magazines all failed. Still, it holds a premier place in my memory…both the machine and that manual.

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