You’d Have To Be Psycho To Not Enjoy This 1990 Cereal Commercial With Anthony Perkins!

Anthony Perkins always seemed to get a kick out of good-naturedly poking fun at his role as Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho. None more evident than this 1990 TV commercial for General Mills’ Oatmeal Crisp and Oatmeal Raisin Crisp cereal, where ‘Norman’ hesitates in reaching for a butcher’s knife or spoon and of course at the end of the ad we have a wink at the camera as we hear “Mother” mention that he is a good boy.

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2 thoughts on “You’d Have To Be Psycho To Not Enjoy This 1990 Cereal Commercial With Anthony Perkins!

  1. Plcary, I saw Pyscho II at the 112 Drive-In…my Father was on the ball enough that night to guess the twist ending about 30 minutes into the film. I also remember seeing that particular movie because the college kids parked next to us had a fright of their own, apparently some of their friends sneaked up and slammed their hands on the windows. I jumped almost as much as the passengers did. :)

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