Do you remember Kellogg’s Nutrific Cereal?

I am pretty sure most people do not remember Kellogg’s Nutrific. It was a “health” cereal that surfaced around 1987 and didn’t last long. My connection to it was through my bran cereal eating Grandmother, who was impressed that Nutrific had four types of bran in it.

Why four is better than one, was something I still don’t really understand, is there a USDA requirement for different types of bran or does the interplay of brans create a bran taste sensation that you could not get with a single bran or even a double or triple bran cereal? I couldn’t tell from any one the bowls I ate. More than likely they just thought people who enjoyed bran and saw it as healthy, would see four brans and think that it was four times as healthy.

Whatever the reasons for this cereal, they do get to have a lot of fun with the four BRAN new wordplay in this commercial.


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