Computer Program and Game Ad from 1982

This ad might not seem like much. It is simple black and white, with minimum graphics, but I used to obsess over advertising like this. For me, often the more text the better, because then I could use it as a checklist or even a price guide when trying to make buying decisions.

In the lower right hand corner you will see the part that would have really captured my imagination. A list of the Scot Adams Adventures. Months of my life were spent typing my way through Adams’ Adventures and I would eventually own all nine to these classics.


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One thought on “Computer Program and Game Ad from 1982

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The best part about reading ads for games and software in the burgeoning home computer era was letting yourself imagine the ways a title could come alive.

    There were so many to play and explore, but the single fact of computer games being a normal thing was so exciting, I’d get magazines and check out newspaper ads and get that thrill each time.

    Though, I’d bet I woulda ran with “Disk Detective” as a Sherlock Holmes simulator in my mind for a good period of time, completely disregarding the drive utility functions described in the paragraph. Even after reading it.

    “By joves old boy, how did that parakeet nurder the Duke of Windsor’s butler with a cannonball?””

    type: smoke pipe

    “You smoke your pipe pensively, as all the clues rush through your head.”

    type: play violin

    “You zing the Stradivarius strings zestfully, irritating the head chambermaid to no end, as Watson looks on, attentively.”

    type: say “elementary”

    “Elementary, my dear Watson. I have solved the game.”

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