The Rainbow of Original Game Boys

This weekend I pulled out my original Game Boy for the first time in a few years and I found out that it had died. I feel a nostalgic need to replace it even though I hardly play with it anymore. A Game Boy just feels like something you SHOULD have in your home in case of a gaming emergency.

So the question is, which Game Boy to get. This photo Nicolas Saint-Riquier has me second guessing whether I should stick with the original or go for something more colorful (that red one is jumping out at me).



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3 thoughts on “The Rainbow of Original Game Boys

  1. blinddog says:

    I’ve seem to have picked up a few from people that no longer want them over the years. I have the transparent, the original gray, yellow and purple.

    What’s wrong with yours?

  2. blinddog says:

    oops strike that last comment. I had a look at them and the yellow is a Gameboy Pocket and the purple is a Gameboy color. So it just the gray and transparent ones for me.

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