The Intro to MacGyver without Music is Hilarious

The MacGyver intro and its theme music are almost iconic to people who grew up during it initial run. But what happens when you take away the music and add appropriate sound effects? Hilarity. Yes, the sounds they chose are funny, but what makes this worth rewatching a few times is just how silly some of the clips are in this montage (ice cream eating). They were added to lighten the mood of the intro, but it is just amazing what a stirring piece of music does to make even simple things seem epic.

I think they need to do a Magnum PI version of this concept next.


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2 thoughts on “The Intro to MacGyver without Music is Hilarious

  1. That was brilliant. What really amazed me was how long the intro was, it seemed to take several minutes without the music but in reality was a mere 77 seconds!

  2. A bunch of my friends and I (all Stargate Convention-attending Stargate SG-1 fans, who also all like MacGyver) passed this one around Facebook. I saw a parody involving the MacGyver theme over various Colonel O’Neill clips (the parody was called “MacNeill.”). This one just takes the cake, runs off with it, eats it, and leaves no evidence. :-)

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