The 1977 Sears “Almost Everything You Wanted But Didn’t Get For Christmas” Sale

My family went to a ton of after-Christmas sales when I was a kid. I guess it was a decent time for picking up bargains, but all I ever remember us buying was wrapping paper, the occasional decoration and Xmas themed candy on clearance. I always went in hopeful though, thinking that his would be the year that all the video games I wanted would be 90% off. Sadly that very rarely happened.

This commercial from 1977 captures a lot of the excitement and promise of post-Christmas shopping. To make it realistic, at the very end they should have shown the family still eating candy canes and chocolate Santas in April….


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One thought on “The 1977 Sears “Almost Everything You Wanted But Didn’t Get For Christmas” Sale

  1. Wizard of Odyssey says:

    Two-for-one nostalgia: go play Pepper II (maybe on a Colecovision Flashback?) and try not to think of this jingle when you zip up the maze and get a power-up.

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