Who wouldn’t want to win this “8-Foot Christmas Stocking Contest”?

For Christmas of 1977 Stop & Go Markets ran a contest where you could win and “8-Foot Christmas Stocking”. Entry seems simple enough. Just stop by their location and enter by filling out a piece of paper. Then at some point before Christmas they choose a winner and you bring home the stocking. In this ad, you see all the kids are splitting the toy selection evenly and having a merry well-behaved Xmas.

What I prefer to picture is Christmas where the parents mistakenly put the stocking against the fireplace and cover up just one of their kids old stockings. That way the one kid thinks they got this one big stocking and the other kids got their limp and seemingly unfilled stockings. I am sure they could tell them pretty quickly that it was meant to be shared, but that moment of reaction for those kids would make for a YouTube video worthy of repeated watching.


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One thought on “Who wouldn’t want to win this “8-Foot Christmas Stocking Contest”?

  1. My family won a similar contest, when I was a kid. The stocking was probably not as big, but I remember that we simply not only split the toys between me and my sisters, but also with a few neighbours’ kids as well. Too bad I didn’t have a picture of the stocking to show. I guess we didn’t have a film in our camera, at the time. Nowadays it’s easier to immortalize moments with our digital cameras, cellphones, tablets and surveillance drones. Well, happy holidays!

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