Minimalist Retro Game Console Launch Posters

I am not sure these would have worked as launch posters, because they only became iconic enough to be minimalist after they launched, but I think artist
Chloe Wood does a great job capturing the essence of both retro and more modern gaming consoles.





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12 thoughts on “Minimalist Retro Game Console Launch Posters

  1. Payton says:

    The Gameboy launch poster has an error, it was launched in 1989.

    Also, don’t like the new look of the website, makes it much harder to read. Everything is too big, plain and harder to navigate. I also don’t like how the images for each post is now repeating itself.

  2. Chloe is clearly British, hence the fantastic and very apt Spectrum poster. Not sure what happened with the Megadrive (Genesis) poster which departs from the style of her other work. All ace though, despite the date error.

    New site design is great, just a couple of bugs to iron out. Give it time Payton, the same fantastic content is still here, it’s just now in a fresher format – for example, the site now works much better on mobile devices.

  3. RamblinGrump says:

    Not sure where the release date on the gameboy came from doesn’t match any of the revision dates. But both it it and the NEw one are cool.

  4. Payton says:

    @Hayden I think with some tweaking, it’ll look great. The Retroist is still one of my favorite daily stops and there’s no other site like it.

    BTW, there’s a bug in the comments box. The word “COMMENT” doesn’t disappear when you start typing and gets in the way when selecting text.

  5. Might i suggest a different color for the “older” stories button?
    I couldnt find it for a while, but I am also color blind.
    Thanks, and I like the change!

  6. I’m not a fan of the new site look, and the bit about mobile strikes to the heart of the problem. Every friggin site these days is going for the “better on mobile” look, which winds up looking like ass & being a pain to navigate (oversized text, vertical orientation, etc) on normal computers. I feel like the only way to use the site now is to turn my monitor on it’s side.
    This vertical issue is bad enough with normal sites, due to nearly all monitors being widescreen format these days, but it’s redoubled with this kind of “mobile friendly” format. Sure, the same content is still here, but the presentation is so bad it just makes me want to leave before SEEING any of the content.

  7. As a big fan of the site’s new look, I really appreciate the fact that the site is so much better to see on my iPhone than it was before. Making this site more mobile-friendly is a big plus. I spend 75% of my time online using my iPhone rather than using my desktop computer and, since the new site design, I am much more likely to be here on the site than before.
    I like everything about the new design, especially the color palette. The fact that the post and comment boxes are the only white on a page makes it easier and quicker to visually delineate and digest all the different areas of information.
    Besides its mobile friendliness, the new site design on my computer screen looks exceptional.
    I have not come across any technical glitches on my phone but the only thing I have noticed is the same thing that Payton has mentioned of the word “COMMENT” not disappearing once one starts to enter text in that box. Other than that I don’t see what there really is to complain about other than the fact that there has been a change. The post pages on this site are no more vertically oriented than they were before. Perhaps the difference in color between the background page and the post and comments gives it a more vertical look? The prior site design had an all white page which masked this layout.
    Change is good. It can lead to newer and better things. Who knows if this is the final site design that’ll last forever. Who knows what lurks in the mind of The Retroist!

  8. I appreciate everyone’s feedback on the new look and while I know it will not be perfect for everyone, I am hoping I can come up with a happy medium for everyone and improve the site based on how people used it.

    The site will have some issues and older posts will look funky, but I am working on it. I would also like to see if I can come up with something that makes it work for everyone. If you have a screenshot of any issues you think I can fix or suggestions, please email them to me.

  9. Atari Adventure Square says:

    That ZX Spectrum poster is great and zaps me back to a time when 8-bit pixel magic revved up the imaginative engines of our gamer brain.

    So yeah, about the new look. I won’t lie. I miss the homeyness of the brown layout.
    But so far, things are sleeker. Once the kinks and final look are put in order, all will be fine.

    Everything loads up faster too, which is good.
    I kinda wished Catptcha had a “Yes, I am a robot” option, though.
    Cuz it’s my life ambition to merge into bionic/cyonic/positronic technology to become a better, more efficient Square.

  10. Man…. the site looks even worse on my new monitor than my old one (1920×1080, vs 1440×900). All the site’s content, including sidebar, is only almost exactly half the width of my monitor, with the articles only being about 1/4 the width.
    There is simply no way to make a single layout look decent on desktops/laptops as well as on mobiles, that’s why most sites have a seperate mobile version. If a seperate version isn’t feasible, you should at least see about using javascript/json/etc to apply different stylesheets based on desktop/mobile, or on monitor resolution.
    I think the best option would be for desktops to show 2 articles side by side, then the articles can remain the same width, but still do a better job of filling the screen.

  11. Drahken – not sure where to begin with your comments. First, this site design is no worse than the last for desktop resolutions, I’ve been at 1920-wide for a couple of years and the last theme did the same thing. Considering the content, I believe that is as it should be. You could look at more responsive designs, but they generally restrict the written word in favour of more imagery. I don’t think that would work in this sites favour.

    There is a way to make a design look good across a range of devices – THIS IS IT! – the CSS behind this theme *is* adapting and works well across everything I’ve tested with.

    Things could always be better, and lots of people will have there own idea about how things should look, but lets count our blessings shall we: lack of adverts, superb content, speedy loading times and all this is led by Mr. Retroist who spends considerable time baking this particularly tasty cake :)

  12. Hmm… Looking at an archived version, I guess the actual difference isn’t that much. It just seems MUCH smaller due to the fact that the white background extended under the righthand column before, creating the illusion that the entire page was wider.

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