The E.T. Clock? Darth Vader and Pac-Man Phone? Atari Space Case? I want them all!

Everything that Push-A-Matic is selling in this Christmas ad from 1983, I wanted. Sadly I didn’t get any of it. In the years since first seeing most of these items, I have acquired many of these items on the secondary market. That Vader phone was an especially good find.

I was walking down the street around 1986 on trash day and the Dark Lord of the Sith was just sitting there on someones curb. I grabbed it and ran home, not even expecting it to work. I thought I could just put it on my shelf after cleaning it up, but to my surprise it was fully function and did so well into the nineties.


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2 thoughts on “The E.T. Clock? Darth Vader and Pac-Man Phone? Atari Space Case? I want them all!

  1. I remember getting my Vader phone on sale somewhere. Maybe it was $40 or $50. IT was such a cool thing to have because outside of a corporate environment, few people had every seen a speakerphone before.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I still have that push-button cart storage unit, still stocked with my top ten VCS carts.
    A push away from instant, personally-certified fun.

    Besides the Atari-specific accessory aspect of this item, having some way to choose my personal faves and display them was quite satisfying.

    On another note, the Mute button on that Vader phone should’ve been called a Choke button.

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