What was in your Lunchbox when you were growing up?

I was browsing through some old magazines when I found this image of a Daniel Boone lunchbox stuffed to the gills with food and it got me thinking back to my youth and the lunches that I hauled around in my trust metal lunch pal. Usually a sandwich, some sort of treat like an apple, orange or Twinkie and a Thermos of milk.

After thinking about it for a while, it got me wondering what other people might have eaten at lunch time? I remember most of my friends had very similar stuff, although I recall a few friends occasionally had crazy delicious looking sandwiches like Chicken Parmesan that set my mouth watering.

So here are some questions. What sort of lunch did you bring or did you get a school lunch? Were you one of those lucky kids with a parent who packed them some incredible delicacy that made all the other kids jealous?



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3 thoughts on “What was in your Lunchbox when you were growing up?

  1. RamblinGrump says:

    Lunch as a kid was Peanut Butter and Jelly or Bologna on white bread. Something healthy like celery, carrots or apple, a sandwich bag of chips and thermos was milk or juice. It never looked as nice as that. If I was lucky string cheese or a hostess treat was in it.

  2. I was pretty bad about losing lunch boxes as a kid so I did sack lunch a lot. Usually bologna or that really cheap paper thin lunch meat that was some form of chicken with a slice of american cheese on white bread. An apple or orange and maybe some crackers. Milk would come from the school I think, or it was paid for at the beginning of the month. Any kind of sweet treat like Twinkies would have been devoured out of the cupboard long before going to school.

    Never saw any kid with as much stuff in his pail as the picture above. And if Mom expected me to use a napkin then why would she send me to school with long sleeve shirts?

  3. I would buy lunch once in a while, when there was something really good on the menu (mainly either taters & gravy or those triangle popsicles), then I would trade all the other crap on my tray for other kids’ chocolate milk and/or taters/popsicles.
    Most of the time I packed a lunch, which always had a thermos of koolaid, some snack (usually either a mini bag of chips or some little debbie treat like swiss rolls or fudge rounds), and either a sandwich, crackers & tuna, or a second thermos full of canned goodies (my fav of which was roast beef hash, though more commonly I would have beefaroni or ravioli or somesuch).

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