Educational Film Dreams of a Metric United States


When I was in grade school, hope still existed that the United States might make the jump to the metric system. So we were being taught the system most of use today and the more “exotic” (logical) metric way of measurement. Sadly, all of that metric knowledge was dumped as the eighties rolled on and now if I need to figure out how long a meter is I need to run to a computer.

I still think acceptance of the metric system here would be a good thing, even if it would be a learning curve for me at this point. Don’t buy into the idea of metric? Perhaps this 1973 film, “Metric America”, will sway you like it did a younger and much more impressionable me.


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2 thoughts on “Educational Film Dreams of a Metric United States

  1. To this day, I’m amazed that the USA didn’t make the move to metric. I read recently that a NASA mission turned sour when one system used metric and another imperial and computations were made with the wrong system. Oops!

  2. Max Power says:

    What’s really weird is that in the 70s, everyone assumed that the easy part would be getting road signs and food packages replaced by metric equivalents, while replacing tools and hardware would be the hard part.
    As it turned out, tools and hardware are largely metric (even an “American” car is mostly metric), while the road signs and food packages stubbornly remain on the Imperial system

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