Get your Atari Games at Longs Drugs


In the 1980s everyone was getting in on the home video game craze. Even Longs Drugs, was running a sale on Atari cartridges. You could get titles like Street Racer and Hangman for as low as $16.99. Atari games being everywhere was a real treat to a video game crazed kid like me, but I can only imagine legions of parents rolling their eyes when they enter yet another store where they can be harangued about how they need to buy more games for the Atari.

Wondering what happened to all the Longs Drug stores? They were acquired by CVS, so many of them were changed into CVS. In Hawaii they are still branded as Longs.


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2 thoughts on “Get your Atari Games at Longs Drugs

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I vividly remember that magical holiday season when Atari cartridges were everywhere. I stopped into our mall’s sporting goods store and was astounded at the huge section devoted to the latest Activision games – few of which were sports related. Sadly, by the next year, it seemed that everyone had gotten over the video game craze.

  2. It’s funny because now it’s like that again at CVS! They have a whole section with older Xbox and PS titles for value prices – like 9.99. And they always seem to keep a big stock of PC games on CDS for 5$. They are always terrible – I wonder who buys them.

    Except clueless aunt. She buys them for her family.

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