The Kodak Handle Instant Camera

Tired of dropping your Instant Camera all the time? Especially when roller skating? Well then have I got a camera for you the Kodak Handle and the Kodak Handle2 both of which come with the one thing every camera needs, a handle.

This handle is so useful and so convenient, it will make you wonder how you took pictures without a handle for all those years. So throw out that old handle-less camera and get a handle on the future of photography with the Kodak Handle Camera.

Here is an ad for roller skaters who love their Handle2


and a Christmas Commercial for the original Handle Camera.


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One thought on “The Kodak Handle Instant Camera

  1. QUE_NADA says:

    As a former owner of one of “The Handle” cameras I can tell you that the name referred to the handle you see Santa cranking in the commercial, not the carrying handle. Prior to this model cameras had a built in motor and battery to spit out your pictures once taken. This was a cheaper solution.

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