Crusade For Decency says ‘Don’t Buy These Grim Reaper & Helloween Albums!” (1987)


This ad was pulled from a block of commercial on Japanese Mtv. I cannot be sure, but I seem to remember them running similar ads in the United States as well. It is a real gem because it features a timely reference (for the 1980s) to all the parents and decency groups crusading against music at the time. I know that Metal still has a hardcore group of fans here in the US and is still big elsewhere, but it nice to be reminded of a time when it was in the mainstream enough to get advertising time like this…


Garry Vander Voort

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2 thoughts on “Crusade For Decency says ‘Don’t Buy These Grim Reaper & Helloween Albums!” (1987)

  1. Helloween’s Keeper changed my young life. This was back in the day where you could (had) to walk into a record store and buy an album based solely on the kickass cover art and the fact that they had a song titled “Halloween”. And then they go and top it a few years later with Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt 2.

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