RCA SelectaVision 650

A friend of mine got a SelectaVision 650 in the early eighties and I remember it well not just because he was always bragging on the technology his family was getting, but because the SelectaVision had a feature that blew my mind. The SelectaVision, like technology I only saw on TV, had a remote control without a wire.

It so fascinated me and my friends that we just about burned through the batteries while testing the remote’s range and ability to work at various angles. It would be nearly 3 years before my family got similar remote technology, so this was indeed cutting-edge.

Do you remember when you got you first wireless remote control TV or VCR?


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One thought on “RCA SelectaVision 650

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Our Fisher VCR had our first remote control – and would be paired with an old console RCA TV that was controlled by knob tuners. That RCA eventually conked out after about 15 years of faithful service. The new RCA had the 2nd remote in the house – and it would remain a 2 remote house for quite a few years.

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